Silverlight Integration in MOSS 2007 with out WebPart

In this article I will walk you through how you can integrate a Silverlight application in Sharepoint with out using any webpart. (Download the STP file)

I will use one of  my existing silverlight slide show application for this demo..

Upload your silverlight related files in the sharepoint repository,  here I  am uploading Silvrlight.js, Silverlight XAP file  and images folder in the Shared Document library

The next step is open the website in  SPD (Sharepoint Designer) and create a aspx page under Shared Documents library and add some markup code inside the content place holder (PlaceHolderMain) and copy paste the silverlight object and javascript code.

Save & preview the page in browser you should be able to see your Silverlight application running inside  Sharepoint..

Download the STP file

Hope this help and If you have any comments, please feel free to write your feedback.