Hello, My name is Deepu Madhusoodanan. I am a senior .NET developer working in Herndon, VA. I have primarily experienced with C# and ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core technologies.

I am a passionate developer with 17+ years experience working mainly Microsoft Web Technologies C# and .NET. Apart from may daily job I spent writing few nuget libraries and open source github projects.

Using Microsoft Roslyn infrastructure I’ve built a productive development tool to convert Camel case Json property to Pascal case – http://deepumi.com/jsonproperty2TitleCase/

Github – https://github.com/deepumi
My Nuget libraries – https://www.nuget.org/packages?q=deepumi
My Twitter handler – https://twitter.com/deepumi

5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hey Deepu, Nice blog and I tried some of ur examples and they worked, good job. If ur interested in doing freelancing .Net projects pls do email me we have some grt projects that we can make use of ur skills if ur interested.

  2. Nice Stuff Deepu!! I referred your Google Map V3 article and it helped me achieve what I was doing. Saved my time. Thanks Man!!!

  3. Hi Deepu,
    Very good articles and very creative stuff. Can you help me one of the scenario,
    I have many XML files and I want to merge them without repeating any node. If two nodes have same ID but different attributes then we have to manipulate there attributes in to single one.
    the format of XML file is as follows:

    Aveva Date:10-02-2015 14:03:37



    Model Description
    3D Model







    Please help me in writing this algorithm. This algorithm should be written in C#. I tried all the ways but not succeeded till the time.

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