Animation using PathListBox control in Silverlight

The PathListBox is new control introduced in Silverlight 4.0 for listing items in a various shapes like path, circle, arc, rectangle etc. This control is similar to traditional ListBox control which support data binding and display of one or more items at design time or dynamically at run time. The pathlistbox provides many properties like orienation, padding etc.

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In this tutorial, we’ll create a simple animation using PathListBox Control..

Open Expression Blend Editor & Create a new project in Silverlight Application + Website.

Add a new shape  Ellipse in to the page.

Add a PathListBox control in to the page(PLB).

Drag & drop few images in to PLB control. (Press control to select multiple items from the project properties).

 Select PLB control from object & time line window.

Go to PLB control properties window and find out Layout Paths.

Click on select an object to use as a LayoutPath.

Select Ellipse shape as the LayoutPath

The images should show in circular layout path

Add a Projection for Ellipse  shape called PlaneProjection to rotate the Ellipse.

Add a StoryBoad control from object & time line window.

Switch to XAML version and write few lines of XAML code for animation purpose.

Add a Double Animation inside the StoryBoard control and set Target name & properties.

Add the following line of code in the Page Load method in order to start the animation.

Hit F5 and see the demo.

Watch Video |  Live Demo Download Source Code | Download Presentation

Hope this helps and If you have any comments, please feel free to write your feedback.